Fun 101 wtga local news. Joshua Irving Dallas Spanish Oaks GC Final Results: Colby Harwell San Antonio Club at Comanche Trace Final Results: John Bearrie Arlington.

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Fun 101 wtga local news

I like open government! Citizens and county government should work hand in hand to keep Pike County a great place to live. Public scrutiny will also encourage a dialogue between our county government and its citizens. For more information on these meetings or to look at copies of minutes and post agendas from the Board of Commissioners' website, click here and click on the archives or the NovusAgendalink. I believe that citizens have every right to provide our opinions to our representatives, and I believe that we are obligated to bring information to our representatives so they can make an educated decision on our behalf. There are minutes from every county board and authority that spends Pike County funding included with the minutes for meetings as well.

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The Law Band - Aaron Hill interviewed on WTGA Fun 101.1 FM - March 22, 2013

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Fun 101 wtga local news

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