Fun factory sector 9 chandigarh. Sheet1 (2) CENTRE NAME TELEPHONE NO BUILDING NAME EMAIL ID ADD 1 ADD 2 ADD 3 ADD 4 DIST STATE PIN CODE BETUL Divya Darshan Bhawan Sadar Bazar, Itarsi Road.

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Fun factory sector 9 chandigarh

It will be fully robotic making there all popular gestures and randomly surprise the visitor. It will become the desired entertainment destination for both foreign and domestic tourist. The land of dinosaurs is getting ready to bedazzle human senses. Over three decades have passed since he started organising langars across Chandigarh in Very few lucky one can visit this vast barren ice land even if u can afford it. The langar outside GMCH is organised in the afternoon.

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Satta Da Kendar Sector 9

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Fun factory sector 9 chandigarh

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