Bidding prayers for funeral mass. The celebration of the liturgy (public worship) of the Roman Catholic Church is regulated by precise norms issued by central and local authorities.

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Bidding prayers for funeral mass

Quoting from Origen , it is said that "the souls of the departed are released in four ways: Lord hear our prayer. Without entering into the subject here, we would remark that the application of Indulgences for the dead, when properly understood and explained, introduces no new principle, but is merely an extension of the general principle underlying the ordinary practice of prayer and good works for the dead. We ask, we entreat, we pray Christ our God , who took their souls and spirits to Himself, that by His many compassions He will make them worthy of the pardon of their faults and the remission of their sins " Syr. Read more about the Rite of Committal at a cemetery.

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Lector Training - Prayers of the Faithful

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Bidding prayers for funeral mass

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